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Chris Corners
23 July
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Skitta-marink-idink-idink, skidda-marink-ido.
80's covers, =vh= i & ii, ac/dc, aftertaste, albini, anti-cell phone, anti-complicated-computer-software, anti-overpriced-computer-software, bacharach, beach boys, beatles, being a monster, ben folds, best friends, betty, big muff, björk gundmundsdottir, black sabbath, brian wilson, brown sound, built to spill, cecilia ann, christian brother, cinnamon girl, cobain, cold sweat, colors, cuomo, dick dale, do-you-think-you're-better-off-alone?, don't-talk-(put-your-head-on-my-shoulder), doodles, downward is heavenward, drop-d, drum beats, drum samples, drum sounds, either/or, elliott smith, everything-means-nothing-to-me, failure, fantastic planet, fender vs. marshall, figure 8, galaxies, geek u.s.a., ghastly ones, god only knows, green onions, grids, grohl, guitar tone, helmet, hip hug-her, houses of the holy, hum, humbuckers vs. single coils, i didn't understand, jack black, james brown, jeff tweedy, jimmy chamberlin, jimmy page, john bonham, keith moon, ken andrews, kfsr, kiss me baby, led zeppelin i-iv, lighthouses, link wray, listing-artists-albums-&-songs-as-lj-interests, live at leeds, look of love, man or astro-man?, master of reality, meantime, milk it, minnesota, miserlou, mixing, motown, music w/ integrity, music-that-completely-lacks-integrity, neil young, no name #5, non-bitter nihilism, o.c.d., oasis (yup), oh well okay, paranoid, pbs, pet sounds, pete townshend, physical graffiti, pitseleh, poor-slide-guitar-playing, radio friendly unit shifter, rat pedal, red beans & rice, reverb, rock n roll, rubber soul, sabbath bloody sabbath, scentless apprentice, schizoid, sequencing, serve the servants, sex machine, silverfuck, smile, song structures, soul, sparklejet, static electricity, stax, stupidity tries, sublimation, summerteeth, supergrass, surf rock, t.o.e., tears for fears, the cure, the kinks, the melvins, the pixies, the police, the who, the zombies, the-old-foo-that-totally-ruled, the-old-pumpkins-that-totally-ruled, the-old-radiohead-that-totally-ruled, the-old-weezer-that-totally-ruled, tommy, tony iommi, transportable micro cottages, tremolo picking, unpronounceable-swedish-words-that-look-so-cool, vespas, vol. 4, walk on by, wendy, wilco, women and children first, xo, xyu, yellow volvo, yosemite